–Hardcore, open-world, survival game–

Survive as many days as possible, and each death means a new, randomly generated world and play-through.

–Advanced crafting system–

Every piece of crafted equipment has random stats. Hundreds of craftable items.

–Randomly generated invasions–

Prepare for invasions that occur every night. Each invasion is a random selection of enemies with different weapons and stats, forcing the player to adapt.

–Procedural generated islands–

Depending on the specified world size, a number of islands are generated with varied terrain, loot, enemies, and special locations.

–Building system–

Build walls, traps, turrets, and other defenses in preparation for the night.


Plant crops, hunt for animals, and forage to stave off your hunger.

–Character selection–

Choose from over 50 unlockable characters, each with different stats and special equipment.

–Character progression–

Card-based perks, where on each level-up the player chooses one of three special abilities. Perks are dealt differently each playthrough. Stats naturally develop based on use.

–Explore and scavenge–

Discover new islands, treasure, and crafting possibilities.


Items have randomly generated stats and abilities. When crafting items, you will rarely get the same result twice.