Wild Light is an unforgiving roguelike RPG set on a procedurally generated island. Explore, hunt, and craft in the daylight. Survive the chaotic darkness where each night increasingly more brutal enemies arrive on the island, hunting for you.


Scavenge for resources, build fortresses, craft powerful weapons!

Random Invasions!

Every night face off against pirates, zombies, bandits, and more!


Face Krakens, Bone Dragons, Titan Zombies, and other epic bosses!

Survive the Night

Exciting Loot!

Each item has been handcrafted for its purpose. Defeat a Titan Zombie? Take its hide to craft powerful, undead armor!

Escalating Difficulty!

Increasingly more intense invaders arrive on the island each night. When night falls, even the most prepared may not survive.

A game built by gamers for gamers

Tired of playing cookie-cutter games? Want something that grips your attention at every turn? So do we!

Exciting Events

We handcraft every event in our game, and there are a lot of them. These events show up randomly in the game and can include situations such as trying to catch a golden chicken or being ambushed by bandits.

Extensive Item and Crafting System

There are thousands of items just waiting to be discovered. We try to make sure items are unique and useful for survival so that finding loot is an exciting experience.

Many Ways To Play!

Our game is a roguelike RPG so you will die often, and when you do, you start over. Wild Light, however, gives players a vast array of options every time you play. The game pushes players toward trying new playstyles, and new weapons. If building a fortress doesn’t work out, develop your combat skills instead, hunt down enemies and take their loot!

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